What This Husband Gave To His Wife As A Christmas Gift Will Melt Your Heart (With Pictures)


It’s going to be one heck of a lovely Christmas for Ashley Collier after she was gifted quite the gift for this Christmas by her husband, Jason Collier who shared it on his Facebook page:

The day I fell in love with Ashley I asked her if she could have 3 things what would they be and in what order, she replied 1st a house (we closed on our house 2-28-15), 2nd would be a ring (October 8th 2016 I gave her my last name), 3rd would be a car being that she had been driving her 2006 Altima since college! Today I showed her I am a man of my word and I would give her the world if I could! Hard Work Pays Off! Merry Christmas Love.


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