This Is Amazing!! See The 6 Ways To Make Your Woman Ask For More, Take Note Of Number 4


There are so amny different ways to make your woman ask for more s*x but Naijaloaded brings these special once to you.

Here are some of the things you can try out in your intimate moments with your woman to make sure she can never have enough of you:

1. Set Up The Mood:

If no one ever told you this yet, the truth is, your woman will love you more and enjoy herself more between the sheets if you set up the mood for her. Depending on what your woman likes and how she likes to be pleased, create the perfect ambience for her. You can make the lights dim and light up a few scented candles around the house. Fill up the bathtub and add some sensuous bath salts and a few rose petals in the water. Make sure the water is nice and warm and help your woman step in the tub with you. Sit with her, look her in the eye, tell her how beautiful she is and lean in to kiss her.To make the setting perfect, remember to add some music in the background, not too loud but yet something that she will be able to hear and enjoy.

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