List Of All Illuminati Members In Nigeria [With Shocking Photos]


All the talk of illuminati has become something like a running joke to many.  Many people are clueless to what supposed members of the illuminati actually do, but are definitely quick to point and name various Nigerian celebrities as part of the illuminati.

Let us make one thing clear, if the illuminati does indeed exist, none of these Nigerian celebrities who are labeled as members by our own people, have enough relevance and power in the world, to be apart of such a group.  Let the accusations rest people, because it is not true, but then again, see below..

1. D’Banjwww.gossip9aija.com_List Of All Illuminati Members In Nigeria 1

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  1. Comment:it seems you don’t know what you’re all doing you’re all saying you want to join Illuminati do u know what they stand for its all end time once u join that’s it you’ve sold your soul to the devil for just a very very short period of time in this world what shall u gain if u gain the riches and the fame of this world and loss your soul at the end please have a rethinking sometimes I wonder what u take the Illuminati for its funny how most of u think

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